Kimperada.com started as a simple blogsite that featured Do-It-Yourself gift items, fashion trends, brands and events, and eventually expanded into broader interests that involved life lessons, personal fashion design and preference of yours truly.

This is House of Kim Perada, the fashion home for women gifted with special sizes, height and shapes. Uniquely designed to end your quest in finding comfortable yet stylish, casual yet professional, my collections are created to answer your fashion need to look great and boost confidence. Tired of looking for a style in girl size with full women figure? Here is your answer. Join me as we find our place in the big world of fashion where the short, voluptuous and curvy can be sexy.



At a young age, I tried to walk and talk like a Fashionista. My imagination worked best with mixing and matching anything to achieve something unique. Almost like a trial and error. A full blooded Filipina with not-so-normal height of 145 centimeters and a vital statistics of 38-32-40, my challenge in finding the right dress length with the proper fit started when I was  a teenager. The design was either too girly because of my height or too mature  because of my full figure. I was determined to solve this issue and help others with the same dilemma. I dreamed and dreamed big.

In 2005, my family moved to The Netherlands. I took a 4-year college education in Fashion Design and Clothes Making at Mondriaan in The Hague. My journey to becoming a full-time Fashion Designer and social entrepreneur has started.


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