10 Things About Me

Part of adulting is applying for a job. How many times have you been asked the “tell me something about yourself” question?

I have learned that you can tell more than your education and work background.

And since I have gained a lot of new friends for the past months, let me introduce myself with these fun facts.

1. Fashion is my passion.

As I was browsing my old(childhood) photos, I noticed how fascinated I already was with fashion. I also had no idea! So I took the course Fashion Design & Techniques.

2. Writing is my therapy.

I’ve been writing since I can remember. It started with diaries and writing short stories and poems.

Pen and paper are my best friends. I write whatever my pen dictates.

I attended the How to Write a Short Story workshop & took The Online Journalism Course.

Also, I don’t like to be distracted while writing.

3. My favourite serie is Gossip Girl. I can watch them over and over again.

4. My all-time favourite movie is Titanic.

5. I’m actually a swimmer. I used to join competitions when I was a kid. I wasn’t the brightest one in school. But at least here, I won gold medals. It was also my childhood dream to join the Philippine team and compete during Olympics.

6. I love adventures.

Next on my list is skydiving.

7. When I was young, my mom would always enrol us to different summer activities. We attended the ballet class, swimming, theater, dance, voice lessons and more. It was fun and at the same time, we learned something new. (By the way, whenever I say we or us, most of time I’m talking about my twin sister and I).

8. My favourite fruit is watermelon. I love it so much I can finish a whole thing.

9. I don’t like the sound of thunder. No, I’m not afraid of it. I just don’t like the sound. I always have an earphone next to me on my bed so I could listen to my favourite band and turn up the volume.

10. That of course is December Avenue. Although my heart is happy, I still want to listen to their songs!

There’s an About Me page on the menu in case you haven’t read it.

I hope you learned something new about me. Feel free to ask if you want to learn more.

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