Travel Tips

Autumn break!! Here we come!

I know you just came back from your summer vacation. But some people choose to take a break during autumn.

Before you step out of the house for your autumn vacation, there are a few reminders you need to know when travelling. I know there are a lot of travel tips already, but these are mine.

1. Pack Smart

Pack as light as possible so you can move quickly. Just bring one luggage(with 4 wheels) and a shoulder bag so you have a free hand when you need it. When travelling by air, make sure you weigh your luggage first before going to the airport to avoid paying extra.

2. Needs

Bring medicines just in case you feel dizzy during your trip. It was my mistake during my first ever cruise. I never thought I’d experience that travel sickness. I’m still thankful to be able to experience that. It was so strange! But at least now I know how it feels.

3. Money-rism

Know the country’s currency and make sure to bring some cash with you when you need it. Some shops don’t accept foreign money and sometimes they don’t have a pin machine. It’s better to be prepared to avoid hustle.

4. Comfy shoes

One thing we’re sure of is that when you’re a tourist, it will only mean long walks. Don’t spoil your vacation by wearing wrong shoes.

5. Update your status

Updating your status doesn’t mean you’re showing off. Because almost all people use social networks like Facebook and Instagram. They’re a great help to your family and friends, especially when you’re travelling alone, to let them know where and how you are. We’re always positive but things happen.

If you have some interesting tips to share, let me know. 🙂

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