Birthday Getaway in Newcastle

Travelling alone has always been in my bucket list. I’ve seen the world many times with my family and friends. When I turned twenty-five, I saw an opportunity to travel. Birthday getaway it is!!

During my first night, I had dinner at this super chic restaurant where I met fellow Filipinos.

While I was having dinner, I felt that something was wrong with me. I had to get back to my cabin immediately because I really felt sick and dizzy. So that was the sea sickness. I’ve never thought I’d experience that. I got operated a few times and it was  the same feeling I had after the operation. It was a bit pity because at seven in the evening I was already sleeping. Oh well, I also needed to rest. Tomorrow is another day.

Hello Newcastle! Nice to meet you!

Time to roam around the city.

The best part of travelling is that you get lost in a place you’ve never been before to discover things.

From the central station, I went to The Gateshead Millennium Bridge by cab.

This is the first and the only tilting bridge in the world.

The Tyne Bridge

I also entered the Baltic Museum where I saw the works of the talented English artists like Lorna Simpson. The entrance is free but it’s not allowed to take photos inside.

There’s a viewing box inside the museum where you can see the stunning views of Newcastle Gateshead.

Amidst the rain, I walked back to the city center just like a real tourist do. I went inside the Eldon Square, the La Fayette of Newcastle, to see the spring collection of English designers.

I went back to the central station, just in time for the bus to bring us to the terminal.

After showering, I got myself ready for dinner. I was afraid to eat again so I only had this meal.

I finally got to roam around the ship and got myself some souvenirs.

I sat by the bar, having cocktails while listening to this acoustic singer a la Ed Sheeran. Haha. But unfortunately, I had to leave because I was running late for the movie. Yes, a movie house on board.

This is what every morning should look like.

So sad the trip had to end.

More than the cruise itself, it was the experience of travelling alone. 

I’m grateful for the people I met on board. Forgive me but I’m going to raise our flag; Filipinos are really friendly and hospitable wherever they are in the world. If only they have time to mingle with the passengers, I’d definitely interview each one of them. I’ve talked to some of them and they have really interesting and inspiring stories. I hope I can still see them the next time I go on a cruise. I’m lucky I didn’t get a cabin like Jack Dawson had. Although I didn’t travel like Rose did, I felt like I was one of those celebrities because that’s how they treated me. I swear I didn’t really feel alone.

There’s really a right time for everything. And I guess it was the perfect timing to travel alone. It was a short but a very memorable one. The hair says it all! I was standing on the top deck of the ship, feeling grateful for everything. Five years later and I can still recall every detail of this trip. This was more than just a birthday getaway. It’s an experience I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.

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