Wearing: Primark hairpins| Gucci eyewear & bag| C&A blazer | Vogue top | H&M skirt | Guess necklace, ring and bracelet | Kate Spade watch | PadDer mule loafers

When a boat is sailing, it flows with the waves. That’s what Vogue really means. It had nothing to do with fashion in the beginning. But some incredibly amazingly talented people thought of that. Trends change every season. Just like the waves, fashion flows as the time goes by. There are times when boats have to stop to load and unload passengers. But they keep going and going to help people reach their destinations.

I guess that’s what Vogue is for. It helps us to try something new everyday until we find our own styles. I remember Karin Swerink’s editorial(Dutch Vogue’s former editor-in-chief) on the Jan/Feb 2013 issue, she mentioned that 2013 is the year of new chances, adventure freedom and loving energy. I guess it happens every year…or even everyday.

Now I’m believing more and more in the power of my dreams. If something’s meant for you, it will just be there waiting on the other side while it watches you sail towards its direction. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving slow…Just keep going.

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