DIY Face Mask

You’re probably sitting at home while reading this. In case you’re on your way to work, then you must have a very important job and we salute you.

I know there’s a lot of DIY tutorials online for face masks, but this is one of the easiest, especially if you have no sewing machine. Because some shops are closed, we only have limited materials.

Before anything else, make sure you wash the fabrics first, especially because you are going to wear it on your face.

TIP: Since we’re recommended to stay home, now is the time to declutter your closet. Maybe you’ll find clothes for donation, selling or for your face mask. 🙂

The measurement of your mask depends on your face. In my case, it’s 26 cm x 18 cm.

I made a pattern first before cutting the fabrics.

The reason why I cut 2 pieces is because I want my mask to be thick. You can also insert a fabric filler if you’d like.


Now I still have fabrics left and thought of making a case for the mask.

What to do with the remaing fabric?

There’s not much fabric left so this small one is perfect for my short hair.

You can also use a surgical mask under this, but I personally do not recommend it. Health workers are running out of masks so I think they’re the ones who needed them the most.

Thanks for reading and stay tune for more DIY projects.

Be safe and keep calm.

Finger heart,

4 thoughts on “DIY Face Mask

  1. I was searching for simple ways to make face masks and your post came perfectly on time. Now, anyone can make their own face mask even if they don’t have a sewing machine. Thanks for sharing!


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