Kimmy’s Choice

We have finally finished watching Crash Landing On You!! This is just the second K-Drama series I’ve watched because let’s admit it, they’re addictive. So you’ve got to limit yourself.

I know some of you are still watching and some of you still have hangovers from Captain Ri and Yoon Se-ri’s love story. But what really kept me hooked was Se-ri’s fashion styles: her shoes, bags, clothes and most especially her jewelries.

There are a lot of websites already featuring her and her co-stars’s fashion moments. So I only picked three of my favourites, without mentioning which scene they’re from to avoid spoilers. 🙂


The moment I saw it, girl I knew it’s from Chanel.


You know, just casually relaxing at home…when unexpected visitors came. Now zoom in to Se-ri’s mules. I mean, who wears a sweater and jeans with these? GOALS.

Carrie Bradshaw would love you for this!



These earrings I fell in love with *insert heart emoji*

Can you imagine how many items I added to my cart?? I definitely CRUSH landed on these.

Just kidding.

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