Work From Home Outfits From My Boyfriend’s Closet

This quarantine brings out the creativity in each one of us. For the past four weeks, I think I have worn every single clothing item in my closet. Then the impossible happened…I tried on my boyfriends clothes!

Now before you take on this challenge, make sure you ask your husband or your boyfriend if it’s okay to wear their clothes. He might give you some styling tips aswell. Also please be careful with your lipstick stain. It’s either he gets mad at you for ruining his favourite shirt or you forgot it’s your lipstick and not his pretty hot blonde colleage with perfect curves. There I said it.

And I know some of you will say “sana all may jowa”. Don’t worry. Your time will come. Maybe this is the perfect time to download an app and sign up. Who knows, he might swipe right. 😉 Now you have something to look forward to after the quarantine.

jowa = boyfriend/girlfriend

1 Boss Lady

This look was was the easiest. A shirt and a blazer is always a perfect combination. Lucky for me, his shirt was long enough for my size. I styled it with my Gucci belt and a barrette to make it more feminine. I’d love to wear this with stilettos, but I only have two pairs of shoes here. He then lends me his necklace for a complete look.

This is something you can wear during your online meetings.

2 Employee of the month

Who doesn’t like that award right? Your boss might give it to you for being creative. But since you’re working from home, he doesn’t really care about your outfit as long as you do your job well.

I wore two shirts here and as you can see, I styled one as a skirt. I used my Gucci scarf as a bracelet for the feminine touch. And when your boyfriend tells you to wear his Tommy Hilfiger watch, aka his favourite watch, he must really love you.

This is something I’d wear for coffee breaks with my colleagues. When the time is right…

3 Sporty

Same, but different. This is one is actually similar to the last look, but sporty. Your feet get tired too, you know. No high heels, just white sneakers.

4 Denim On Denim

No, this is not an excuse to snack during working hours…it’s just style. Also because his shorts are long for me so I have to find a way to make it shorter. You can wear Birks with these. But please…no socks. Just no.

5 Rocker

Would you believe I’m wearing a basic shirt as a skirt?

I’d probably wear this outfit on a Friday. Just because it’s weekend and we’re ready to party after work. Rock concert maybe? For now, netflix and chill will do…

6 Bonus

After you have worn his clothes, you might want to give him this look. Maybe your date night look when he picks you up after a whole day of work after this whole thing is over of course. Which restaurant will you go first? Now you have something to look forward to 😉

Oh, and don’t worry about your curves. He loves it.

So which of these looks are you going to try even after the quarantine?

P.S. Did you notice how much I love looking outside the window?

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