Work from home outfit: pyjama

It won’t take long ’til we go back to work again. Would it still be the same normal routine before the quarantine? I don’t think so. As the world leaders or experts always say, we have to get used to ‘the new normal.’

I, myself, am running out of ideas since I get inspiration from the outside world. And since we cannot go out, I thought, what do working people wear these days? Yes!! Pyjama!!

They say never work in your pyjamas because it won’t motivate you. Girl, the last few weeks have been tough for all of us. Your boss would forgive you if you’re not motivated enough or you haven’t been productive.

Got a zoom meeting? Put on a little make up. Add a bling to your pyjamas. Et voilà!

Be safe, keep calm and style on.

Get this at Cacaiva Island

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