The Devil Wears Facemask

Hi guys! This is Kim and welcome back to my channel!

Oops! Sorry. I’ve been hanging out a lot on YouTube and I have completely forgotten about this blog. Plus I have no time and no motivation at all to write. The last time was probably in March since the first lockdown.

It’s almost Halloween. While some do not celebrate it, others go all out to showcase their best costumes.

But this year, no parties, no costumes, no trick or treats…

So everyone was asking me to create a facemask for Halloween. But since I couldn’t find the perfect fabrics and I also do not know how to paint, I decided to become the facemask. I mean wear it. Because like I always say, there’s nothing scarier than covid.

I created a video on how I created this.

Since I didn’t find this halloweenie enough, I found these headpiece and necklace and added them on my costume.

If the Miranda Priestly wears Prada, this devil wears facemask.

Keep safe everyone.

That’s all.

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