It was the 2nd of April, 1989 when I first saw light. I was given the name Kim Perada. I was born and raised in The Philippines. I moved to The Netherlands in 2005.

Growing up, I have always been fascinated with fashion. Until I decided to study Fashion Design & Techniques to fulfill my dream of becoming a fashion designer. As a part of the programme, the school organized a yearly fashion show. Our theme was animal prints. This is what I came up with and showcased on the runway. I never knew that people would love and recognize me and my design. They would approach me and say, “you’re the small girl with the wings.”

That was just a short but memorable story of my tagline. And in case you haven’t noticed, you will see my name and the wings on the logo.

After graduating, I ventured into “House of Kim Perada.”

Fly with me once again and be inspired as I share my stories about fashion, people, travel and everything beautiful about life.