Dear you,

You are your own person.

You don’t have to be that girl who gets up at 5 am, picks up her yoga mat and prepare a healthy smoothie afterwards.

You can workout any time you want.

You can set your own goals and any goal is valid.

You want to be the best employee?

You want to be a CEO?

Go get it.

Don’t do her.

Don’t do me.

Be You. Do YOU.

Love, me

Life In The Netherlands

Hi guys!!! It’s been a minute. I mean, I just checked the date on my last post and how I missed blogging!! But at the same time, I’m also enjoying editing and sharing my life here through my vlogs.

Hope you’re all doing good because I am 😊

I created a playlist so you can watch. Of course you can scroll through my other videos as well.

I hope you’re all doing good because I am 😊

Much love,

Silk Scarf

Hi guys, do you also have a problem with your silk scarf if you use it as a hair band? Here’s a way to solve this. Hope you like this video and if you like it please click 👍, show some love by subscribing to my channel. Thank you and keep safe everyone ❤️

Work from home outfit: pyjama

It won’t take long ’til we go back to work again. Would it still be the same normal routine before the quarantine? I don’t think so. As the world leaders or experts always say, we have to get used to ‘the new normal.’

I, myself, am running out of ideas since I get inspiration from the outside world. And since we cannot go out, I thought, what do working people wear these days? Yes!! Pyjama!!

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