The Devil Wears Facemask

The Devil Wears Facemask

Hi guys! This is Kim and welcome back to my channel!

Oops! Sorry. I’ve been hanging out a lot on YouTube and I have completely forgotten about this blog. Plus I have no time and no motivation at all to write. The last time was probably in March since the first lockdown.

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Work from home outfit: pyjama

It won’t take long ’til we go back to work again. Would it still be the same normal routine before the quarantine? I don’t think so. As the world leaders or experts always say, we have to get used to ‘the new normal.’

I, myself, am running out of ideas since I get inspiration from the outside world. And since we cannot go out, I thought, what do working people wear these days? Yes!! Pyjama!!

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Adulting With My Mom

About 25 years ago, my mom used to work 7 days a week for us. Yes, she was a single mom. I could still remember the days when we had to go to school and she was already gone. She would arrive late at night when we were already sleeping.

Oh, the things our mothers do to give us a comfortable life.

I’m writing this not for her to remember her past or to make her sad. I know some of you are single moms and I just want to let you know that you are doing a good job raising your kids.

Maybe my mom can be your inspiration as I share with you our conversation about career, motherhood and love.

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Kimmy’s Choice

Kimmy’s Choice

We have finally finished watching Crash Landing On You!! This is just the second K-Drama series I’ve watched because let’s admit it, they’re addictive. So you’ve got to limit yourself.

I know some of you are still watching and some of you still have hangovers from Captain Ri and Yoon Se-ri’s love story. But what really kept me hooked was Se-ri’s fashion styles: her shoes, bags, clothes and most especially her jewelries.

There are a lot of websites already featuring her and her co-stars’s fashion moments. So I only picked three of my favourites, without mentioning which scene they’re from to avoid spoilers. 🙂

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