Work From Home Outfits From My Boyfriend’s Closet

This quarantine brings out the creativity in each one of us. For the past four weeks, I think I have worn every single clothing item in my closet. Then the impossible happened…I tried on my boyfriends clothes!

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Kimmy’s Choice

Kimmy’s Choice

We have finally finished watching Crash Landing On You!! This is just the second K-Drama series I’ve watched because let’s admit it, they’re addictive. So you’ve got to limit yourself.

I know some of you are still watching and some of you still have hangovers from Captain Ri and Yoon Se-ri’s love story. But what really kept me hooked was Se-ri’s fashion styles: her shoes, bags, clothes and most especially her jewelries.

There are a lot of websites already featuring her and her co-stars’s fashion moments. So I only picked three of my favourites, without mentioning which scene they’re from to avoid spoilers. 🙂

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We Climbed One Of The Highest Church Towers In The Netherlands

Hey guys!

Hope your 2020 is starting okay. Well, not in some parts of the world. But how can be beat mother nature?

We always say that 2019 was a tough year. But you know what? Each year is a tough year. You just get stronger and wiser.

Last December, Tom & I went to Utrecht to climb one of the highest church towers in The Netherlands: The Dom Tower.

While I was climbing, a lot of things were going through my mind. In our journey, may it be slow, high and exhausting, I know at the right time, we’ll get to where we’re meant to be as long as we keep going.

You can see on the video that the tower is under construction. According to the tour guide, it will take 5 years more.

If you’re still in the process of fixing yourself, no need to worry. Sometimes it may take years.

We have all been broken. But it doesn’t mean we have no more value. Just like the tower. It’s broken but people still see it’s value. They still come and visit even if they cannot see the entire tower.

It’s about how we see and value ourselves.

What matters most is that you are not alone and there will always be someone who guides you every step of the way.